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You're probably wondering what a quality Interactive FlipBook can provide. The answer is, "much more than you thought!"

Quick Delivery

Have your Interactive FlipBook completed and delivered to you in less than 2 business days. In many cases, the same day.

Fully Responsive

Your Interactive FlipBook is tested based on the screen sizes of popular devices (iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, etc) and is fully responsive.

Fully Customizable

There are so many options available to fully realize the full potential of your existing E-Books, Brochures, flyers, photos, and other documents.

Premium Features

There are several premium upgrades available: mp3 player, shopping cart, interactive character to read to your viewers, and so much more!

How it works


Place Order

Complete the detailed order form, submit your order request, and create an account here


View and Pay Your Invoice

Login to your account to view/pay your invoice.


Monitor Progress

Monitor the progress of your FlipBook, place additional orders, update your order, request revisions, and/or download your completed FlipBook.

Amazing Features

Deliverable in Multiple Formats

Your FlipBook can be delivered in several formats: HTML5, Flash, .exe, .app, or as a Wordpress, Joomla, or Drupal plugin.

E-Commerce Ready

Turn your Interactive FlipBooks into standalone sales machines! Create custom shopping page(s) or add "Buy Now" buttons to allow your customers to add multiple items, at varying quantities, to a dynamic shopping cart and purchase directly from your FlipBook securely via PayPal!

Unique Design

Several aspects of your FlipBook can be customized: the background, to the color of your menu/control buttons, the "page flip" sound, clickable links, embedded video and music, photo slideshows, and much more!

Analytics & Tracking

Track views, conversions, and events by adding Google Analytics Tracking code. Re-target your customers by adding pixel conversion tags from your preferred ad system (Facebook, AdRoll, Pinterest, etc).

FlipBook Examples

Here are a couple of samples to showcase just some of the available interactive features. There's so much you can do to enhance and maximize the impact of your brochures, E-Books, PDF's, and Word Documents!

What Our Clients Say


Excellent seller. Goes above and beyond.


Awesome! Cooperative & informative...ensure[d] the best-looking



Choose one of our pre-designed options or create a custom order. We're here and ready to help!

Self-Hosted FlipBook

Up to 10 Pages (+$2 per additional page)

Delivered in Flash or HTML5 format

Add E-Commerce Features (+$25)

Google Analytics or Pixel Code Installation

Custom MetaData (Title, Description, etc)

Add Your Own Logo (for only $5 extra!)

No FlipBook Hosting Included

$ 30 / one-time

Get Started


Up to 5 FlipBooks Converted Monthly

50% Off of Each FlipBook (after 5)

Up to 25 pages per FlipBook (+$2 per additional page)

Can be delivered in Flash, HTML5, or as a Plugin

Add E-Commerce Features (+$10 per FlipBook)

Google Analytics or Pixel Code Installation

Custom MetaData (Title, Description, etc)

Can Use Any Logo

Hosting Included (up to 100 FlipBooks)

$ 149 / mo

Get Started

Hosted FlipBook

Up to 10 Pages (+$2 per additional page)

Delivered in Flash or HTML5 Format

E-Commerce Features (+$25)

Google Analytics Tracking

Custom MetaData (Title, Description, etc)

Add Your Own Logo

Host Up To 5 FlipBooks for 1 Year

$ 45 / one-time

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Have a Custom Order?

Tell us more about your specific needs, and request a quote today!

Frequently Asked Questions

We can work with standard document types (.doc, .docx, .pdf, .mobi, etc), any of the Adobe file types (.indd, .psd, .ai), as well as any conventional photo file type (jpg, bmp, png, etc.).

The list of enhancements include the following:

• Photos (popup on click, or as a hyperlink)

• Hyperlinks (go to webpage, another page in document, etc)

• Embed video (specific vid file, YouTube, or Vimeo)

•; Shopping Cart

• Music Player

• Photo Slideshow

• "HotSpot" cues

• Animated Character to "read" document (requires Flash version)

• Add custom JS, Pixel Code, Google Analytics

•  Custom Pages

•  Add Table of Contents

• ...and more

The "E-Commerce" upgrade adds a shopping cart to your document as well as a custom shopping page that will allow your readers the ability to make a purchase directly from your FlipBook and securely submit payment via PayPal.

When someone clicks an "add to cart" button, the shopping cart will keep track of which items were added, and check the number of items purchased against available inventory, and accurately display the total cost.

As a part of the order process we will ask that you create an account at (you may also click "My Account" within the main menu). Within this system you will be able to monitor the progress of your order and communicate with us so that we can complete your Interactive FlipBook with any revisions as quickly as possible. You will also use this system to pay your invoice, you will be able to make future orders directly within this system, and you will be able to retrieve your Interactive FlipBook files at your leisure.

If you have a custom order please click the "Request a Quote" button in the pricing section of our home page or click here. Complete the form that pops up and we will be in contact with you to discuss specifics and to finalize the price offer and turnaround time. If you decide to move forward with your FlipBook, you will create an account at where you will receive and pay the invoice for the custom order and you will receive updates as well as the completed file delivery.


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